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Apostle  Jekia Lanise Ledbetter was born August 2, is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Victory Ministries of Christ Church.  Serving as an Energetic end time prophet that carries a deliverance mantel in spiritual warfare, that releases and teaches structure and strategies of breaking up fallow grounds, only to declare and release, God’s righteousness and fruitfulness to His people.  


Overseer J. is also known for her, “In Your Face Messages” that is translated with the gifting of spiritual insight that will activate, unlock, release and empower individuals to deepen their horizon in Jesus Christ. 

Every ordain encounter will cause you to live within your purpose and maximize your true potential of growth for everyday living in Jesus Christ.  She is without a doubt, a Teacher, Intercessor Prayer Warrior and Empowerment Specialist, that was delivered and called for these perilous times.  


Jekia has been in Church mostly all of her life and was saved at an early age.  Knowing that she was always different went through many trials and tribulations, that left her desperately trying to find out who she really was and in life.  These unanswered questions brought about a hardship in her life that caused her to slip into a deep depression, that later lead to a nervous breakdown.  With God’s grace, mercy and timing, this transition bought about God continuously waking Jekia up at 5:00am every morning repeatedly with Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the belly l knew thee and before you Came forth out of the womb I sanctified thee"

Every arising caused a spiritual mending in her life that would later make a bold statement to the world “that I might have been damage but, not destroyed”  


Operating in a recyclable anointing, the evidence of her survival, breakthroughs and testimonies became undeniable encouragement of strength, for all that knew her.  Her loud message became “you shall live beyond your scars to declare your destiny”  This calling and transformation is what brought her to preach her initial sermon titled "Look at Me Now.


This calling manifested itself to be an ordained movement from God.  Causing doors to open for Overseer J. to become a sought out trail blazer that would bring revival from her preaching, teaching and prophesying, all throughout various workshops, conferences, and, prophetic encounters all throughout the nations.  Each experience left the evidence of overwhelming testimonies of God’s healing, breakthroughs and signs and wonders.


Overseer Jekia is part of the Pastor’s Alliance and is submitted under the covering of her pastors and spiritual parents, Apostle Dr. Karen & Linwood Bethea of Set the Captives Free Outreach Center in Baltimore, Maryland.  This knitted relationship has been proven to be sanction by God and has served Jekia on a platform to show God’s greater love, anointing, order and elevation, that is preparing her today for the Affirmation to the office of the Apostle.  


She is the Co-author of the “The Power of Betrayal” and serves with excellence on the Board of the Female Clergy Support Group of Maryland.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and presently completing her  Thesis Statement to receive her Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling while also, attending The Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science, to receive Licensing as a Mortician, to carry on the legacy of her grandfather the late Robert L. Wallace and honor her living grandmothers Pauline Lucas and Nancy M. Wallace of Wallace Funeral Service in Baltimore, Maryland.  They have taught Jekia "to walk by faith and not by sight"  this teaching has made great contribute and influence over her life that would cause her to be married for 15 years and share 4 gifted prophetic children and 2 great-grand sons that is now operating and being groomed continuously for their calling in the ministry.  





Jekia Ledbetter


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