Leadership Staff


 We are a ministry that has been commissioned by God to build and equip people to be who God has created them to be. Our ministry is prophetic in its approach and is designed to change lives and renew souls daily through Jesus Christ and the word of God.

Pastoral Staff

Apostle Jekia Lanise Ledbetter was born August 2, is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Victory Ministries of Christ Church.  Serving as an Energetic end time prophet that carries a deliverance mantel in spiritual warfare, that releases and teaches structure and strategies of breaking up fallow grounds, only to declare and release, God’s righteousness and fruitfulness to His people.  


Apostle J. is also known for her, “In Your Face Messages” that is translated with the gifting of spiritual insight that will activate, unlock, release and empower individuals to deepen their horizon in Jesus Christ. 

Every ordain encounter will cause you to live within your purpose and maximize your true potential of growth for everyday living in Jesus Christ.  She is without a doubt, a Teacher, Intercessor Prayer Warrior and Empowerment Specialist, that was delivered and called for these perilous times.  

Princess of Deliverance