About Us


The vision of Victory Ministry of Christ is based upon the Holy scripture, I Corinthians 15:57 “But, thanks be to God which gives us the Victory through our Savior Jesus Christ”  has proven to be the Prophetic Blueprint for our foundational growth and establishment to Build and Become and Live New and Victorious through the Work of  Jesus Christ!


We Believe in order to execute this vision that we the church Victory Ministries of Christ, must follow The main ingredients, of sharing  One to Another, God’s Truth, Unity and Love.  By effective Worship,  Impartations of Prophetic Miracles, Evangelism and Community Outreach by Empowering, Reviving and Restoring a generation of believers that Only through the, Word of God, Strong Testimonial Faith, Iron Sharpen Iron, that you can have Victory in every area of your life through Jesus Christ.